Philly Food Review - Joe's Steak + Soda Shop Cheesesteak Review

  • Taste: The overall flavor of Joe's cheesesteak is phenomenal. The meat to cheese to bread ratio is spot on, and if you choose to add onions, you'll notice this ratio is perfect as well.

  • Bread: The bread is fresh, hard enough when it needs to be, but not overly chewy.  The consistency does its job perfectly and holds everything together without letting the bread get in the way of the other flavors. Literally no complaints here.

  • Meat: Thin, juicy, and packed with flavor. At first bite we thought it may be a little chewy, but it was a to-go order, so we won't hold that against them because of the delay before it was eaten.

  • Cheese: Let's be real, we're talking about whiz here, you can't go wrong. The texture, creaminess and visual appeal is as Philly as it gets.

    Overall, this is an excellent cheesesteak.

 Our Score 4.5/5

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