Here's How Game 6 Will End

Here's How Game 6 Will End

Here we are. Game 6 of the NBA Eastern Conference Semis. Tonight, in Philly, in what could be the final game of the 2018-19 season for the Philadelphia 76ers. It could also be the night that will change everything. A whirlwind of a season moving on from RoCO and The Homie, adding Jimmy Butler, the Bobi + Tobi Show and unlikely heroes in the form of James Ennis III and Mike Scott. Regardless of the outcome, lets enjoy what we have built together, what we have suffered through, and where we know we will eventually get. In the meantime, here are the game 6 predictions from the Philly Drinkers staffers.

Alex Einhorn (@EinhornTweets)
Winner - Sixers
X Factor -  This is a simple answer for me. Healthy, sick, banged up, tired, ill conditioned, doesn't matter - Joel Embiid is the face of this team, the face of the city and the reason the process worked. Yeah, he's still young and yeah, he still has moments when we see this clearly. Please don't get it twisted however, this is the most dominant big man the league has seen in a long time, right here, right now. Marc Gasol is not his kryptonite (Click link to see a stupid article) I can't even write that sentence with a straight face. This is a night where Joel will attack the rim on offense and protect it on the other end. This is a night where he will go to the free throw line a dozen or more times. This is a night where his surrounding cast will get the job done around him. This is a night where the Sixers force a game seven, and you know what they say about game sevens...

Mike Grimm (Grimm's Philly Tales)
Winner - Sixers
X Factor - Joel Embiid -  He will be the player we know that he is. It really is that simple.

Ben Longenecker
Winner - Sixers 
X Factor
WILL BEN SIMMONS SHOW UP FOR A GAME? The answer is yes. Embiid will shake what is ailing him, JJ has a hot shooting night at the WFC, Simmons comes alive early by finishing at the rim and maintains that aggression throughout. 😤 Anything can happen in game 7.

Ed Roseboro (@ESRosebud)
Winner - Sixers
X Factor- Ben Simmons. They need a big game from him to quiet the haters. I'd like to add that everyone saying the process is a failure because the Sixers might loose to the higher seeded team with the best player in the series needs to watch more basketball, or none at all. They're young, talented and fun, enjoy the ride and hope it lasts a while. If it doesn't, that's when you can complain.

Zach Rivera
Winner - Sixers (With a healthy Embiid)
X Factor
Tobias Harris. If he can regain his form and knock down perimeter shots it helps space the floor and open up the offense for everyone else. I think Simmons will continue to be held in check with the best defender and best two-way player in the league, Kawhi Leonard, guarding him. Sixers need to take care of the ball and not have many unforced turnovers. They need better movement on offense and not have too many players standing out on the perimeter. If they can do that and play with energy on the defensive end, they can win and force a game 7.

Sports Betting Picks
Sixers +2 (-109) / Raptors -2 (-112)
O 213 (-108) U213 (-113)
Money Line Sixers (+112) / Raptors (-127)
Updated lines - 11:03 Am EST

Dave Brodish (@Steam1four)

I’m taking Sixers money line at +112 and have them covering the spread at +2. The over under is 213 and I think I’ll take the over. Home court will have a huge impact. Ben will finally get to the rim and have 20+ points and 10 assists. JJ will find his grove like he did in game 4. If the Sixers keep it close Jimmy (not James) will take us home. The X-factor in this will be fast break points. We gotta get out and run! 


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