Grimm's Philly Tales - A Lifelong Philly Fan

Grimm's Philly Tales - A Lifelong Philly Fan

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Intro to the Phandom that is Grimm’s Philly Tales

First and foremost I would like to take the time to thank Philly Drinkers LLC for letting me come aboard and show the world this guys’ Philly sports fandom.

This column will focus mostly on the Phillies and the Eagles. It Will be about the state of both teams in my opinion as well some interesting stories that I have experienced in my over 20 years of attending games supporting both teams.

This first entry will be mostly about where my phandom came from and the journey that we will go on together in these tales that I have.

For as long as I can remember I have always been a fan of Philly sports.  There is only one person in my life that is the cause of why I am such a fan and that is my father, John.  When I was growing up baseball was the sport of the household and having a father with such love for the game only made me love it too.  He was a true student of the game and loved sitting in front of the TV on those beautiful summer nights and watching our Phillies play.

My fondest memory while I was growing up wasn’t even when I was watching a game with him.  My mother would be putting me to bed, reading me a bedtime story, I would just be about asleep and from downstairs I hear “O Come On (insert players name).’” I would instantly wake up and the following conversation would be had: 

Mom: “John your son is trying to sleep!!”

Dad: “Well Jo the Phillies are…….

Mom interrupting: “I don’t care what the Phillies are doing your son is trying to sleep so keep it down.”

 That conversation was how I usually went to bed most nights when I was younger.  Thinking about those days you can tell the only thing my dad loved more than me was his Philly sports.  Growing up with a dad that loved his sports truly helped me become the fan that I am today and I don’t think he would have it any other way.  

When I was born and they knew they were having a boy my dad said to my mom:

“You are not getting this one.”

My mom looked confused.

Dad explained: “That our other two kids are very music oriented and since this one is a boy you are not getting this one. This one is going to like sports like me.”

I am so glad that my mom agreed because the bond that I formed with him over Philly sports is what has made me into the sports fan that I am today. Sitting down and watching Eagles games, and of course Phillies games, were like no other and I am so glad that I was able to learn about these great sports from him. Now my mother would join us in watching and going to games and is a fan of Philly sports too, just not quite at the same level as my dad and I.

My Phandom is taken to the next level because I am a season ticket holder for the Eagles and also share a 17 game plan to the Phillies.  The amount of games that I have been to are countless and some of those games are the biggest games and most memorable games in Phillies and Eagles history. From the multiple NFC championship games to World Series games and to the Aaron Rowand catch and broken nose.  Over our journey I will share my account of big games like that and what I remember most about those games.

My Phandom is what it is today because of my dad and I feel that is the reason Grimm’s Philly Tales is something that you will enjoy and hope that you come on this ride with me and all of my friends at Philly Drinkers LLC.  The sky's the limit with our team and as we grow we hope that you grow with us.


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Scott Ewing
Scott Ewing

I felt like reading this article that I was the one writing it. I too grew up in a Philly sports fan household. My fondest childhood memories outside of playing baseball were watching the Phil’s games and going to games with my dad.

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