Howard Eskin Banned from Citizens Bank Park: What We Know So Far

Howard Eskin Banned from Citizens Bank Park: What We Know So Far

Philadelphia sports radio legend Howard Eskin has been banned from Citizens Bank Park for the remainder of the season.

This action follows an incident involving an unwanted advance toward an Aramark employee. Here’s a detailed look at what we know so far.


The Incident

Howard Eskin, a well-known figure in the Philadelphia sports community, and across the country for that matter, reportedly made an unwanted advance toward an Aramark employee at Citizens Bank Park, home of the Philadelphia Phillies.

The specifics of the incident have not been fully disclosed, but it was significant enough to warrant immediate action.

The Ban

Following the incident, officials at Citizens Bank Park decided to ban Eskin from the venue for the rest of the season. This means that Eskin will not be able to attend any games or events at the park until further notice.


Official Statements

From Citizens Bank Park

A representative from Citizens Bank Park stated,

"We take all reports of inappropriate behavior seriously and are committed to ensuring a safe environment for all our employees and guests. As such, we have decided to ban Howard Eskin from the park for the remainder of the season."

From Howard Eskin

As of now, Howard Eskin has not made a public statement regarding the ban.

(For once in his life, other people are talking about him without him initiating it with shameless gloating).

It remains to be seen how he will respond.


Reactions from the Community

The news of Eskin’s ban has sparked a wide range of reactions from the Philly sports community. Fans, colleagues, and sports commentators have taken to social media and various platforms to express their opinions.

On Social Media

  • Twitter: Many users on Twitter have shared their thoughts, with some expressing support for the decision and others questioning the severity of the ban.
  • Reddit: Discussions on Reddit have been particularly active, with users debating the implications and potential fallout from this incident.

Implications for Eskin's Career

This ban could have significant implications for Howard's career, especially considering his long-standing presence in the Philadelphia sports media landscape.

The ban of Eskin marks a notable moment in Philly sports news, even with the Sixers being the talk of the town lately following the signing of Paul George to a 4 year max deal.


How do we feel about it?

To put it bluntly:

Yes, Howard is indeed a legend and an OG in sports talk radio and journalism, dating back to the early 1980s.

With that being said, over the last decade or so, he has become so arrogant and at times an impossible listen.

One can only endure so many "I told you so moments" and the never ending insults he throws around toward his own colleagues across numerous WIP daily shows.

When you spend much of your public life acting and treating everyone as if you are better than them, I guess you start to act like it too.

So instead of voluntarily climbing down from that high horse, it looks like it will end up being a (well deserved) brutal fall.

This is not a rumor, this is not cancel culture, an investigation determined that the allegation is true.

So, the question is: If this was a different host, insider, or just a regular employee, would they be fired?





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