Just Getting Started with Sports Betting? Follow These Ten Rules

Just Getting Started with Sports Betting? Follow These Ten Rules

Just Getting Started with Sports Betting? Follow These Ten Rules

Let's be honest, you're going to lose money.

Maybe you'll have fun doing it, maybe you'll realize that it's not for you.

Just don't lose your house on a Weds night Marlins vs Phillies game OK?!

Follow these ten steps to start yourself off on the right foot.


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  1. Do your research: Before placing a bet, it's important to gather as much information as possible about the teams or players you're considering betting on. Look at statistics, recent performance, and any other relevant factors that may affect the outcome of the game.

  2. Set a budget: It's important to have a clear idea of how much money you're willing to risk on a bet. Set a budget for yourself and stick to it to avoid overspending or losing more than you can afford.

  3. Shop for the best odds: Different sportsbooks and online platforms may offer different odds on the same bet, so it pays to shop around and find the best deal.

  4. Use a staking plan: A staking plan is a way to manage your betting budget and minimize risk. There are several different staking plans to choose from, such as the Kelly Criterion or the Martingale system.

  5. Take advantage of bonuses and promotions: Many sportsbooks and online platforms offer bonuses and promotions to attract new customers. Look for these offers and use them to your advantage, but be sure to read the fine print and understand any terms and conditions.

  6. Manage your emotions: Betting can be an emotional experience, but it's important to stay level-headed and avoid making impulsive bets based on your feelings.

  7. Specialize in one sport: It can be tempting to try and bet on a wide range of sports, but it may be more profitable to focus on one sport and become an expert in it.

  8. Use multiple sportsbooks: Having accounts with multiple sportsbooks can give you more options for placing bets and finding the best odds.

  9. Don't chase losses: If you suffer a losing streak, it can be tempting to try and make up for it by betting more aggressively. However, this is a risky strategy and can lead to even bigger losses.

  10. Keep track of your bets: It's important to keep track of your bets, both to understand your overall performance and to help you identify any patterns or mistakes you may be making.

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