The Best Pancake in Philadelphia?

The Best Pancake in Philadelphia?

Say hello to the delightful creation that's causing a stir in the heart of Philadelphia's Fishtown neighborhood – Olivia's Pancake at Middle Child Clubhouse.


Middle Child Clubhouse Olivia's Pancake

Crafted by the culinary maestro, Edwin De La Rosa, this pancake is not just a breakfast dish; it's a golden-brown ode to the powerful women who've shaped his world – and's bangin'.

Gracing the Middle Child Clubhouse's morning menu, Olivia's Pancake is easily one of the restaurants most popular dishes.  

It's clear how much effort and time went into creating this fan favorite dish. According to Philly Mag, the initial vision of a plantain pancake with a dulce de leche ganache was rooted in De La Rosa's Dominican heritage. Yet, a concern for overwhelming intensity led to a culinary pivot.

Keeping in mind the diverse tastes of Philly locals, De La Rosa curated a buttermilk-based pancake with a locally milled flour blend from the renowned Lost Bread.

The outcome? A delicately sweet pancake that won't weigh you down like a brick – a welcome departure from the pancake-induced food comas we all know too well... especially when we've had too much to drink the night before.

Complementing this culinary masterpiece is a citrusy honey butter that gracefully melts into every nook and cranny of the pancake, creating a breakfast experience as sweet as the tale behind its inspiration.

So, whether you're a food enthusiast, a brunch connoisseur, a boozbag, or just someone seeking a memorable morning bite, Olivia's Pancake at Middle Child Clubhouse is beckoning you to indulge in a story as delectable as its flavors.

And yes, when we refer to the boozbags, we are talking about ourselves.

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