No BS Beer Review - FLY - Funk Brewing Company

No BS Beer Review - FLY - Funk Brewing Company

FLY by Funk Brewing Company

Quick Facts:
Style - Southeast PA Style IPA (SEPA)
Alcohol - 7.2% (ABV)
Bitterness - 0 (IBU)
Clarity - Medium Haze
*Say this to look smart -  This is the first ever Southeast PA IPA "SEPA", I bet Funk brewing continues to roll out beers of this style. It tastes similar to a New England IPA, but with nothing artificial that can sometimes add haze.

No BS Review

Is Funk Brewing changing the game? It's possible. The SEPA is something new, something fun, something familiar, but different. Will it catch on? Time will tell.

In the meantime, enjoy this football themed beer that has great color, aroma and a can label that will leave you wishing the Eagles were a little better this season.

An Untappd user summed up FLY perfectly. "Wasn’t sure what a “Southeast PA Style” IPA was, but I think they nailed it. Bitter and overwhelming. Actually it’s pretty smooth and dank."

If you are new to the craft beer game and like a nice smooth IPA that won't leave you feeling full or groggy, this is a very good choice.


Want to hear the explanation of a SEPA straight from the brewer? 



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