A Very Fun Eagles Press Conference?

A Very Fun Eagles Press Conference?

The NovaCare Complex recently hosted a riveting press conference, and by riveting, I mean it was as thrilling as watching paint dry. No inside jokes, no giggles, and definitely no smiles between Howie and Nick. Just what we all needed – a dose of emphatic answers and stern faces. Riveting, I tell you.

Enter Howie Roseman, the maestro of explanations. He graced the stage to explain why they were fashionably late, as if we were all dying to know. 

And then there's Coach Sirianni, looking like he just served two terms as president.

He dodged a bullet, but let's not kid ourselves; he knows he barely escaped the chopping block. But you can practically smell the desperation to prove everyone wrong after that stellar 1-6 finish.

Some news; Vic Fangio will be the next defensive coordinator. Sirianni, in his infinite wisdom, mentioned that he would like to be more involved in defensive meetings, probably, maybe...who really knows. "I'll sit it on more defensive meetings, here and there."

Now, Sirianni is reclaiming the offense, or is he? He's apparently not the head coach of the offense...or the defense...or special teams...rather the head coach of the...culture? Whatever that even means? He's in charge of everything – offense, defense, special teams, and probably the team's coffee preferences, that's what "culture" means, right?

Apparently, he's on a mission to "take away the staleness." 

So, buckle up for a long off season of arguments about who was really to blame for what might have ben one of the most epic regular season collapses in Philly sports history.

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