Joel Embiid's Unbelievable Season

Joel Embiid's Unbelievable Season

If you're not living under a rock, which would be understandable after how the Eagle's season ended, you probably know that Joel Embiid made history against the San Antonio Spurs this week.

Embiid dropped a jaw-dropping 70 points, taking the Philadelphia 76ers' franchise scoring record and a new talking point for Joel hater Howard Eskin (sorry "King", but we are fed up with all the hate, just let us enjoy the moment.)

Now, don't act surprised. Being the best scorer in the room is just another Tuesday for the 29-year-old center. Embiid's scoring performance is his latest masterpiece this season.

Let's dive into why this guy is having what some might call the best scoring season of all time – and why not, right?

Joel Embiid: The Picasso of the Paint

Embiid's scoring threat this season is nothing short of extraordinary. Averaging around 36 points per game on 65.1% true shooting, he's practically making scoring look like child's play. Leading the league in points per game while casually ranking 13th in efficiency – because why not be both prolific and efficient at the same time?

His game logs are like a collection of da Vinci's greatest hits. If it feels like Embiid scores 30 points every night, it's because he pretty much does. Scoring 30 or more points 27 times this season, he's making the rest of the league look like mere doodlers in comparison.

And the last time he scored less than 30 points? Well, that was on November 15th against the Celtics when he thought he'd give them a break and settled for a modest 20 points. A true act of mercy in a season where he has only scored less than 25 points twice.

A Symphony of 40s and 50s

But wait, Embiid isn't just satisfied with 30-point games; he's got a penchant for the dramatic. Scoring 40+ points nine times and 50+ points three times this season, he's casually leading the league in both categories. Because, you know, why not spice things up a bit?

The Last 60 Days: A Renaissance of Scoring

Embiid was already great in the first two months of the season, averaging 31 and 32 points in October and November, respectively. But hold your horses; the last sixty days have been a scoring Renaissance for the ages. Averaging 40 points on over 50% shooting in December and January, he's basically turned the court into his personal Sistine Chapel.

Embiid: A Force to be Reckoned With Inside the Three-Point Line

Now, what makes Embiid the scoring savant he is? First off, he's an absolute monster finishing around the rim. Shooting 75% from 0-3 feet, he's basically the GOAT of close-range scoring. Add to that his fantastic mid-range shooting – 50% on all mid-range shots, to be precise – and you've got yourself an artist at work.

Sure, he may hunt for fouls and flop a bit, but who can blame him? It's not his fault that referees appreciate his theatrical style, and it's undeniably effective. Leading the league with 12.2 free throws per game and a free throw rate of 0.546, once he's at the charity stripe, he's shooting just under 89%. Take notes, fellow big men; this is how you do it.

Joel Embiid: An All-Time Great Scoring Season?

Now, where does this scoring spectacle rank in the grand scheme of NBA history? Spoiler alert: pretty darn high.

Only four players in NBA history have averaged 36 points per game in a single season – Wilt Chamberlain, Michael Jordan, James Harden (LOL), and Elgin Baylor. Embiid has a shot at joining this elite club if he keeps this scoring parade alive.

But let's not forget the minutes game – points per 36 minutes, to be precise. Only Wilt Chamberlain and James Harden (again, LOL), have averaged 36 points per 36 minutes in a single season. Could Embiid be the third musketeer in this trio?

Efficiency is the Name of the Game

Adding efficiency to the mix, if you made a list of every player in NBA history who has averaged 36 points per game on 65% true shooting, you wouldn't have much to work with – because no one has ever done it. Joel Embiid has a shot at being the first.

Now, we know the game has evolved, and what was considered efficient in the '60s might be frowned upon today. So, let's bring in the TS+ – Embiid's TS+ this season is 112, matching the excellent mark Wilt Chamberlain achieved when he averaged 37 points per 36 minutes in 1961.

In the end, no matter how you slice it, Joel Embiid is having a scoring season for the ages. This level of scoring volume and efficiency is as rare as a Howard Eskin compliment (sorry Howard, you did ask for this), and if he keeps it up, we might just have to crown him the best scoring center in NBA history, joining the likes of Wilt Chamberlain in the pantheon of the greats. Artistry on the court, thy name is Joel Embiid.

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